Trance Music Artist and Dj
Music is considered as a soothing dose to relax oneself from day to day stress. Trance music is used as quite effective medium to relax and lessen ones stress.

With the increasing popularity of trance music, DJ subconscious, a passionate music lover has made its places in Los Angeles Music industry.

Trance is a genre of electronic dance music developed in 1990’s in Germany. With momentous amount of produced sounds, like house and electro, trance music tends to be more harmonious and progressive.

Trance is more melodic and harmonic than any other dance music. It refers to an induced emotional feeling. Repetition of beats is considered as one essential feature of trance music. More of electronic instruments in specific tempo range and arrangement are used for creation of Trance music.

Obsessed with passion of music, Dj subconscious has mastered all skills required to create trance music. He love experimenting and it is his deep innovative skills that brought essence of electronic music. Earlier worked with with MIDI Life Records, a minimal/deep house Label based out of Miami.

Currently , this great trance music producer in Los Angeles working with Utero Records and is popular for composing Progressive House/ Deep and Minimal House as well as Progressive Trance. With his newest originals collection, have a chance to enjoy trance music.