House Music Artist and Dj
Music is an entity that takes us to world of peace and calmness. Today, there are several genres involved in music like utero records, trance music, pop or many more. The differences in these genres come with use variant musical instrument used, pitch, loudness and other parameters.

House music is one of them. It is electronic dance music that exhilarates its listeners to enjoy its strength, high pitch and composition made intellectually.

Subconscious, one leading DJ in Los Angeles is currently working hard to make progressive house tracks. He is passionate music producer and remixer who has excelled electronic music making techniques.

With his passion and great love for music, he is always trying something innovative for creating an ideal atmosphere for music lovers. Currently he trying his luck with house music and this exhilarating music has a story behind it.

It was originated in Chicago night clubs back in early 1980s has gradually gained popularity. Today, house music is a perfect kind of disco music. Perfection in creating drum beats, high quality sound effects are required to make this genre alive.

Today, house music remains popular in both clubs and in the mainstream pop scene. With love for music, DJ subconscious has excelled every skill required for music making. Keep a look out for his newest Originals. Enjoy!!!