June 6, 2011

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Whats up Guys, this is Subconscious here. I have been downloading all sorts of new music lately. My favorite tracks have come from DJ Icey which is great! I love breaks a lot more than i love dubstep and it is good to see that Icey is back in the studio producing music. I was listening to Icey when i was 14 years old and his sound never changes or strays away from the dirty breaks! His new track “Been away too Long” is a great example of his talented ear. The vocals in it are on point and it makes me want to find a vocalist like his for one of my tracks. it is difficult to find a good vocalist now a days and have been struggling to find one myself. Most vocalists i have come in contact with want to add vocals to my track that i did not authorize. I am down to hear some good feedback on how they think the song should be changed but if it does not work with the overall energy of the track then it is out. i hope this does not sound arrogant on my part but i know what i likes and i likes it deep! The progressive sound changes on a monthly basis and i have to go with the flow and figure out new ways to push the boundaries. this is why i respect Dubstep. Dubstep has been pushing the boundaries for years and it is cool to see producers stray away from the traditional 4 x 4 rhythm and create something new and fresh. Progressive can be done the same way! i have also been listening to a lot of oldschool Hype. I will always love and respect Jungle music and am a Junglist at heart. Jungle evolved into finding a way to speed up dope reggae music into its own fresh and harrrrrrrrdddddddd sound. I will always love Jungle music. I remember the days of going to Jungle and Hardcore parties all to well. This was a fresh and pure scene. I will always respect Junglists! i would love to hear some feedback from you guys! Thanks again for your support. Once again, my new album drops June 30th. love ya!

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June 1, 2011

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Whats up Guys, this is Subconscious here. I have been busy sending out my new album to record labels and I finally got signed! This is a very exciting time in my life. Electronic music is the number one thing that makes me happy and i now have the opportunity to turn my passion into a career. The record label is called “midi-life records/rapidfire records” and the owner seems like a really nice guy who know his electronic music. It is difficult now a days to find people who know their shit about electronic music. This guy knows what he is talking about. My new album is scheduled for release June 30. I will leave the album on my website to be downloaded for free until June 30, but after that it will be for sale on sites such as Beatport, Amazon and itunes. Thank you guys so much for your support and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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March 17, 2011

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Whats up Guys, this is Subconscious. I recently completed my “Counting Crows” remix of their song “Colorblind”. I am extremely happy with what I came up with! It took me 1 month to complete the remix. I had a very difficult time with this track because I did not have the proper acapella for the vocals. I tried to contact the Counting Crows manager for the Acapella but got no response. I searched many different sites for the acapella but could not find it anywhere. This made the remix very difficult for me to produce, but with a lot of hard work and new techniques I was able to do it. i am unable to sell this remix because i do not have the rights for the track. This is remix is free for my fans and supporters. Music is for the people.
I learned a lot making this remix, finding new ways to get around the music behind the vocals. It would of not been possible if the song had drums in it. i used the vocal program “Melodyne” with this track. It is 10 times better than the Vocal Program “Autotune”. “Melodyne” allows me to alter the vocals chords and effect the notes in a way that makes them sound beautiful. “Melodyne” comes with a lot more effects that can be used than “Autotune”. “Autotune” is famous for the robotic vocoder effect that you hear in a lot of Hip Hop songs. “Autotune” tunes the chords of the vocals to make them on beat with the chords of the actual track. Which means that you can change the notes. I no longer use “Autotune”. I am all about “Melodyne” and would recommend it to anyone. I really hope you guys like the remix. I will post it as soon as i get the track mastered.
I have been getting some questions about my facebook fan page. I have a facebook fanpage under the name “Your Subconscious”. My DJ stagename is “Subconscious” but the music is not about me, it is about you. This is why I have the name on my website and facebook as “Your Subconscious”. The link to my facebook fanpage, twitter account, Soundcloud page and Youtube channel are at the bottom of my website homepage. My website is “”. My blogs will always be about electronic music production and DJ’ing. I am on a journey to breakthrough as an electronic musician and want to write about the obstacles that I face on a daily basis. Dj’ing is extremely competitive and you have to do a lot to stand out as a DJ. i have been making a lot more waves as a producer with electronic music than i ever had as a DJ. My life and passion is electronic music. i have been a hardcore Raver since I was 14 and have been DJ’ing since i was 16. i don’t know what i would do without this passion. You can check out my music on discography page of my website. i have 3 mixes posted on this page and about 10 originals. It is all Progressive House/Progressive Trance (with some Breaks). In each mix, i remix each track before I mix it into the set. I use Ableton to do this. I also add many different effects and sick vocals that i either create myself or find on the internet. I do all of this with my mixes to try and set myself apart from the regular DJ. I started producing about 3 years ago and recently got signed to Warner Music Group as a Producer. This is an absolute blessing in my life. i am releasing my first all original album in April. The album cover is extremely sick, my artist is a very talented person. The album cover is at the bottom of this page. You Like? The name of the album is “City of Angels”. Please visit the Discography page of my website and tell me what you think. i love any and all feedback. Thank you for your support. You are Beautiful!

Practice and Enjoy

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March 12, 2011

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Whats up Guys, this is Subconscious here.  i have been really busy lately spinning at clubs around Hollywood which has been great!  I finally mastered my all original album which is really exciting.  it will take about a month for the album to make its way to  The title of the album is “City of Angels”, which is the name of the third track on the album.  it took me a little over a year to produce all the tracks on this album, so my heart beats in it.  The album art is way sick!!! it is not complete but i will give you guys a sneak peak.  it is posted at the top of this blogg!!!  You Like?

I am in the middle of working on a Counting Crows remix.  I am remixing their song “colorblind” which has a beautiful piano chorus in it.  My girlfriend is a big fan of this song, so i am doing it for her.  it has been really difficult for me to remix this song because i was unable to acquire the proper acapella.  i tried to contact the Counting Crows Manager to see if i could get the acapella to “colorblind” but he (or she) never got back to me.  Are they even big anymore?  I only listen to electronic music so i am not up to date on popular music.  i am able to remix the song without the help of the Counting Crows due to advances in music production software.  I use Ableton Live loaded with all sorts of sound bundles.  i should be done with the remix in about 2 weeks.  I have been struggling with it, i wont lie.  I am going to be unable to sell the remix because i do not have the rights from the Counting Crows to sell it.  I am just remixing it for my people.  Music is for the People.  Bye!!!

Practice and Enjoy.


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February 24, 2011

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Whats up Guys, this is Subconscious. i have been really busy in the studio lately wrapping up my upcoming album. It has been all busy work which i don’t like, but with electronic music all the little beeps and pops are just as important as the big synths and pads. My manager has a really sick artist working on my album cover and I am very excited to see his work! This is my first all original album so i am very nervous and anxious to see how it sells. I am also looking forward to hearing more feedback from other Producers and DJ’s in the scene. The question now…Whats Next??? I purchased a Version 2 Lemur about 2 months ago and have not had much time to learn it well enough to implement it into my shows. I LOVE this piece of equipment because it allows for me to create live build-ups, Breakdowns, Subsweeps, drum rolls, swells and SICKKKK effects! The Lemur is a great piece of equipment for any DJ to have if they want to spice up their sets with dope LIVE sounds and effects. I fell in love with the Lemur after watching a Glitch Mob set. Glitch Mob is a three man breaks group that uses the Lemurs to create a 100% live electronic set. Glitch Mob is actually really sick and very impressive. I have seen them a couple of times and love their oldschool sounds mixed with heavy Kick drum Breaks and Massive Subs! They use 3 Lemurs in their shows. The lemur is a very expensive piece of equipment. It looks like a bigger version of the iPad. I would recommend the lemur to any DJ. Now that I am finished with my album, I have decided to put some more time into implementing the Lemur into my shows. This is going to take some time because the Lemur is very complex and all around confusing as HELL!!! i Feel like I am learning Ableton all over again! I will let you know how the progress goes.
I am also thinking about doing a couple of solid remixes in the near future. I really want to do a sick progressive house remix of “Colorblind” by the Counting Crows. It will be a nice remix to create for my Girlfriend because she absolutely love’s that song! I should be able to play the chords by ear but finding or extracting the acapella is a whole other beast! I will keep you updated!!! Late.

Practice and Enjoy!

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Febraury 18, 2011

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Whats up Guys, this is Subconscious here. I have been real busy lately with spinning at nightclubs around Hollywood which has been loads of fun. I booked a show at LA Exchange for the end of this month which i am really excited about. I think LA Exchange is the sickest nightclub in LA. it is the Heart of Downtown LA on 8th and spring. This area brings back a lot of memories because I used to go to a lot of Warehouse parties (Raves) in Downtown when I was younger. Downtown LA was where i developed my beautiful taste for electronic music. I also used to DJ at a Warehouse party called “Orion” in Downtown when i was 17…those were the good old days :) .
I was recently featured in a documentary called “Soul” which was a great experience. The theme of the documentary is Spirituality and Music. This theme is perfect for me. I was interviewed for about 45 minutes and then played a show at a party they had later that night. i absolutely love talking about how electronic music changed my life. it is my Anti-Depressant. I had an amazing experience with this documentary and the crew were some really cool people too. I will be sure to put the documentary on my website as soon and it is finished.
More great news for me is that i was able to acquire a Beatport account to sell my music. i am so happy about this! Beatport is the ultimate platform to sell Electronic music. I will be launching my new Album, “City of Angels”, in March of this year. Thank you all so much for your support. it is time for me to get back in the studio. You are Beautiful!!!

Practice and Enjoy!!!

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February 11, 2011

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Whats up Guys, this is Subconscious here. i have been staying busy with finishing my all original album. I just finished my last track and it is titled “Evol Si Dog”. This was probably the most difficult track i have created. I was NOT in the zone for this one. It was a giant ball of frustration and writers block. It was not that the production was difficult with a lot of effects and elaborate build-ups, It was just extremely difficult for me to write a chorus that I was in love with. The track had a about 4 different layouts and chorus’ before i made a decision on the chorus you here now. I absolutely love what i have created now, but it just took a lot of trial and error to get there. i have been really anxious to put all the tracks together and manufacture the album. This anxiety is what has been halting my creative juices, making it difficult to write music. The name of the track came to me while i was in a meeting and saw the phrase “God is Love” on the wall. I started to zone out and realized that “Love” spelled backwards is “Evol”. Now that is pretty sick! So i continued with the phrase and realized out the “God is Love” spelled backwards is “Evol si Dog”. I instantly fell in love with that phrase and the European connotation that comes with it. So this track is titled “Evol si Dog” and i think you all are going to LOVE it!!!
My manager and i are currently in the process of acquiring an account with “”. Beatport is the best site there is to sell electronic music. Every DJ and Producer buys music on Beatport. I spend 100’s of dollars a month on music on that site. Mt favorite aspect of the site is that not anyone can sell music on Beatport. It is not like where anyone and everyone can sell music on that site. You must be signed to a legitimate record label if you want to sell your music on Beatport. This is what makes the site so exclusive, and you know it is only going to have the BEST!!! I am also going to have an iTunes account, but I love Beatport so much that i want to be involved with their business. I will keep you posted on how it goes…Thanks again for your support!!!

Practice and Enjoy!!!
- Subconscious

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January 22, 2011

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Whats up Guys, this is Your Subconscious. I have been super busy lately with performing at different venues in Hollywood. I recently acquired a Thursday night Residency at La Vida and have been getting great feedback with playing my originals at the club. I finished a new Original titled “Sick Love” and am very happy with this one. It is a Progressive Trance track and was very difficult for me to create. I had an idea of how i wanted to the track to sound but was stuck on writing the chorus. There was a specific trance sound that I wanted to create but could not find the correct effects I needed in order to create it. Sometimes I want the most simple sound or effect and it is nowhere to be found. I usually run into this problem when I am looking for Bass Pads. It took me about 4 1/2 weeks to complete this track. I would love any feedback possible.
I am looking forward to a gig I have on February 18th. It is at a club called LA Exchange. This is the sickest club in LA. The owner sunk so much money in it that it is now the most lavish and beautiful nightclub in Los Angeles. This club is so nice that multiple movies have shot nightclub scenes in this club and many different music videos have been shot in the club. The nightclub scene in “The Social Network” was shot in LA Exchange. The Sound System and Lighting/Visuals are the best in Los Angeles as well! I LOVE LA Exchange! The club is in the heart of Downtown LA. My manager and I are doing our best in trying to get a regular monthly gig at this club. A Residency would be a dream come true! I highly recommend anyone and everyone to check this club out and see what I am talking about. I will be performing there on February 18th. I haven’t started on my next original but plan on doing so at the beginning of the week. Everything is coming along very nicely and would like to thank you all for you support. You have been a great help. I love you all!!! Have a wonderful Evening!

Practice and Enjoy!!!
Your Subconscious

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January 4, 2011

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Whats up Guys, this is Your Subconscious. Happy New Year!!! I have been really busy lately with DJ’ing and Producing. I recently completed a new Track called “City of Angels”. I had a great experience with this track because I went very smooth and flowed like a river. It reminds me of some oldschool Kimbal Collins. I love this track and would appreciate any feedback possible. I am in the middle of my next original track. I have been having a bit of trouble with the vocals, but with any original there is always an obstacle ahead of you. i have been using the Program “Melodyne” for the vocals and it has helped me out a lot. This is going to an 8 minute track which means it is going to be long and bomb. I was inspired to do this track after I listened to Daft Punks “Tron” Album. I love Cinematic sounds and wanted to do my own emotional, cinematic track. The name of the track is “Follow me” and will be the first track of my upcoming, all original album. I really hope you all had a fun and safe New Year and lets make 2011 Epic!!! I love you all!

Practice and Enjoy!
Your Subconscious

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December 22, 2010

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Whats up Guys, this is Your Subconscious. I just wrapped up my Breaks Track and on to the next project. The track is titled “The London Broil”. The Highlight of the track in my eyes is the deep bassline’s involved. I say bassline’s and not bassline because i match two basslines and two kick drum rhythms on top of each other to create a real sick groove. The second bassline and kick drum rhythm does not come in until about a quarter way through but you can’t miss it! I would love some feedback on this track because i haven’t wrote a breaks track in a long time. Meanwhile, I have a dark chorus in my head that needs to be laid down ASAP. I am about to head into the studio to see what i can conjure up for my next original. I will keep you in the Loop! You guys have been amazing, thanks again!

Practice and Enjoy!
– Your Subconscious

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